Tips and tricks for a smoother pick-up is an oldie! We help you master the art like a pro!

How It Works?

Sliggoo gives parents a hassle-free solution for their everyday hurdle of picking up their kids from school. The real-time tracker intimates the school authorities on the parent’s location, making it easier for them to cope with the queue management system and to avoid unexpected delay.

  • Sign Up

    Easily install the Sliggoo app with a one-time registration process. Sign up using your Google or Facebook account

  • Details

    Fill in your kid’s basic information and key details using which school authorities can identify your child.

  • Approval

    Upon admin approval, your registration will be logged in to the school database.

  • Locate

    What you waiting there for? Your kid is with you much earlier than you thought! Go enjoy some Wendy’s!